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  1. " “It’s time for all major leaders in the TV industry to work together to end piracy while giving consumers the wide choice of TV content they deserve ." This is an interesting statement. I thought that the entertainment cartels started working together to end piracy in the early 2000s, shortly after Napster came out and caused the legal mafia mass hysteria. But according to this guy, NOW is the time. If consumers were given a wide choice of content at an AFFORDABLE price, piracy would have probably never taken off with the average consumer. But we're seeing Netflix regularly raise prices and every other pay service, with the exception of Spotify which is free with advertisements, become more and more expensive. If this trend continues then you will not end piracy.
  2. The younger generation (teens to early 20s) seem to prefer legal methods as well. I don't know if it's a cultural thing or if they just prefer an easier way to obtain their media. Media companies have definitely made inroads in the last decade.
  3. They can expand whatever they want. In the last few years, the highest quality streams have been available on Ace Stream. They can block the thousands of web based streams but they can't block the high quality P2P streams.
  4. The ISP had a financial interest in copyrighted material the same way they have a financial interest in providing a service that the customer requires. It's silly to accuse an ISP of profiting from piracy unless the ISP is advertising pirated content. It's even more silly that this accusation might pay off for them.
  5. The RIAA operates like a mafia. Maybe they want to uncover this music "mafia" because they believe they're muscling in on their territory.
  6. I wonder how long all these cryptos can survive. There are hundreds of them being traded, it's kind of unbelievable and every week, more of them appear.
  7. I don't know what they're thinking. They're clearly not losing any money from people playing old games on emulators.
  8. Google better get their army of law firms ready because there's a lot of copyrighted content on youtube. lol
  9. I encourage everyone to visit that subreddit to view the Streisand effect. :)
  10. It may be booming but the music industry is making record profits due to the vast amount of money it makes from spotify, itunes, youtubes and other digital platforms. You can argue that piracy is helping them set record profits.
  11. Is there an update on when this invite will be given to the chosen member?
  12. It seems to take a bit longer to find peers to upload to when seeding but I noticed this much more before I configured everything correctly. When I used uTorrent and seeded 40-50 torrents, within a few hours, I would have uploaded 3-5GB. With Qbittorrent, the total amount uploaded is about 20% less with the same torrents. I think it drops peers quicker than uTorrent and I've read similar accounts from other people. Overall, it works well and I've stuck with it. I just think that uTorrent was quicker in finding peers.
  13. Corporations always like to whine about how people steal from them but they have no problem using their considerable wealth and power to lobby politicians to craft laws that benefit them at the expense of the poor. I've always thought that they were the real criminals. The vast majority of people who watch (or as they would claim, "steal") these illegal streams, will never profit from any of this. The very small percentage who charge people to watch these streams are profiting but their crimes pale in comparison to those who they're "stealing" from.
  14. I like Qbittorent. It took me about an hour to configure it properly but that's because I didn't read the wiki beforehand. I still think that I was able to find peers to upload to faster with uTorrent but for the most part, Qbittorrent seems to be just as good.
  15. Nice giveaway. I've been looking for an invite to Apollo for a while so I'm entering this giveaway.
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