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  1. Not giving away any further invites TOPIC can be locked.
  2. @senkoushik91 please PM me with where you want cartoon chaos invite sent.
  3. @Rayhan20 please PM me with address for invite for blutopia.
  4. Welcome to invite hawk, enjoy the site!
  5. @DoodleTheNoodle pm me your email. Thread can be closed.
  6. Invite sent to @BroadwayCat still one left
  7. Hi I have 2x Cartoonchaos invites to give away @Coldsoul , like this comment and be prepared to show a proof if requested. Please only apply if it is for personal use.
  8. Taxing internet users to support them making greater TV profits is insane, other than that good luck with implementation....
  9. @Ulquiorra do you happen to have an update on this? (no idea if they have a channel that is giving updates). Getting somewhat worried that they are going to go online and I am going to fail the user test for not downloading enough (already had enough upload). Thanks.
  10. Still down somehow I always join sites that require a test during a downtime...
  11. Thanks for the info not my only music site, so hasn't affected me too much but started to get worried based on how long it has been.
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