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  1. Roc

    Xthor : News

    Server in maintenance
  2. Freeleech EugenyS 24 Hour Freelance !
  3. CAUTION. Those who have a problem with the download, open the client in the torrents that are red and do the following. Right click on the red torrent and then Properties and change https to http or vice versa. CAUTION. We no longer accept paysafe and moneysafe cards. Instead you can pay with viva e-money codes and with paypal and bitcoin. Prefer viva e-money code for better. Here you can find viva e-money points of sale, even in gas stations.
  4. Roc

    HDsky news

    VIP盒子规则变动 即日起,盒子规则在种子发布72时内最多统计3倍种子体积的限制对VIP组生效。下载量计算规则仍然不适用。 The 3x upload cap seedbox rule will be applied to VIP user group from now on. The torrent discount remains unchanged. VIP box rule changes With immediate effect, the box rule will be effective for the VIP group within 72 hours of the seed release, which counts up to 3 times the size of the seed. The download calculation rules still do not apply. The 3x upload cap seedbox rule will be applied to VIP user group from now on. The torrent discount remains unchanged
  5. The CMCT working group is now recruiting the following people for all members. If you are interested in participating, please choose a group that suits you from the following groups to join: 1. OCR group: SUP subtitle OCR or video hard subtitle OCR. 2. Listening and proofreading group: subtitle adjustment axis/national subtitle dictation proofreading. 3. Suppression group: CMCT official suppressed works production Chinese language film production (recruiting only 2 people); foreign language film production (recruiting 10 people): English minimum level 4 and above. Subsequent adjus
  6. Roc


    Staff changes - 2021-05-16 On behalf of the entire staff team, we wish to formally thank notthegrinch and stevenofnine for all their hard work but alas for various reasons both have stepped down from their staffing duties here at HDBits.org. We wish them both the very best in their future endeavors! On the same note, congratulations to DLS for his promotion to full Moderator and welcome to Faiyaz93 to our ranks as the newest Torrent Moderator!
  7. Freeleech! Download doesn't count! Poured by ANDREY_B ! Frielich operates on EET (GMT + 3) until: 2021-05-10 12:30:20
  8. A NOTE REGARDING THE INVITES :arrow: You are free to invite as much people as you want from your available invites. Invite trading is strictly prohibited. Do not send invites to absolute strangers you meet on the internet. Do not attempt to invite yourself. Do not attempt to invite the same person again.
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