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  1. Roc

    EMP news

    Update 01.04. Tracker and image hosts have once again been restored. And they're down again
  2. Global discount is in effect Offer type: Free Start time: 2021-03-30 10:00:00 End time: 2021-03-31 10:00:00
  3. Roc

    empornium News

    Both Fapping and Jerking imagehosts are back online and accepting new uploads. We are going to monitor their performance over the next few hours and are likely to tweak the configs a little before enabling uploads again
  4. EMP update 25.03. Update 25.03. We're still awaiting the new server, but in the mean time anyone who is having issues connecting to the tracker please check your hosts file for tracker.empornium.sx and delete that line if found
  5. 1Ă—Bezze.me account - 1Ă—Baconbits invite - 1Ă—Pornbits account - 1Ă—uhdbits invite - 1Ă—myspleen account - 1Ă—oppaiti.me account. Active membe - Add Like & REP - Reply to this post to apply - For personal use -Proofs will be Required - Speedtest - Give me +1 Positive Feedback after you have received the Invite
  6. As of 2021-03-15 21:00, rewards will be distributed according to this statistics: the image movie version has been improved, supporting Gazelle and NexusPHP in two ways of display and search. Some improvement plans: 1. Continue to improve the movie version 2. Apply the movie version mode to the "series variety/documentary/MV/art" section 3. Independent revision of the animation section 4. Independent revision
  7. You may remember we re-nabled the invite store a while back. Well as can only be expected it was abused on a few occasions and led to a influx of users who obtained their invites through trading sites. Invites are now disabled for all user classes except staff and 'Legend' class and all invites have been set to zero. Invites will only be given out through official recruitment threads on select trackers. Sorry for the inconvenience
  8. It is not true because this is not the new website link Just a moment... OPENLOOK.ME
  9. Roc

    ITS news

    PTP recruit at iTS: The VIP rank as a donation reward has just been removed now, which means users must be at Shade class (which requires 6 months joined time) above to apply now
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