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  1. Unbelievable! Will Nintendo ever learn to live with the fans that like to promote their properties? This is a sign that they should embrace the fan culture, rather than repress it. I mean Sega went that way, and we ended up with one of the best Sonic games in recent years.
  2. Now this is a worthwhile tracker. With their wide selection of items, and the ability to get and give rips and full discs, it is a good place for getting whatever you need easily. Worth the membership!
  3. I agree! Too bad they don't provide invites. But if you're already a member, then it is a good tracker to go with.
  4. At least I'm glad the music industry is starting to embrace change, and stop resisting against a new order. Now if only the same thing could happen to the film and television industries, and we'd be set.
  5. Hopefully the Danes should show a good example towards how this Copyright trolling is an inhumane act. I mean, being accused of a crime because you have dementia? That is somewhat of a low.
  6. I suggest that multiple torrent clients, each with their pluses and minuses, to be used concurrently. That way, you can be prepared in all instances for all options.
  7. That's a major mistake. You never brag on about a potentially messy situation. You have to be clandestine towards it, otherwise you'll end up in a world of pain.
  8. How ironic? The Prey has become the predator, and they want their targets. It's surprising that while the larger corporations are being targeted and becoming figureheads, the smaller outfits are out for blood, and take action greatly.
  9. At least there is some hope with this thing, with the notion of taking down false takedowns could very well be a boon for the smaller media makers on sites like Youtube. An end to the trolls out there who set out to make no fun.
  10. So the Croods sequel is on there now. I guess the streaming rights have benefited those who want to pirate. Times have certainly changed.
  11. Really, they're just trying to get more money for their sporting footages. Given Italy is crazy about the sport, they'd do anything to milk every dollar out of their viewing public. But still, people are going to find better means of getting their soccer action.
  12. Good grief, they're trying to force people into not opting for illegal means of getting their entertainment, even though it is due to recent world events that they are forced to do so. I know the world is going through a lot, but the media makers have to learn to adapt.
  13. Yes, Big Brother is becoming more real than you might expect. But that's what you get when you let big business try to crush any who want to better their product otherwise.
  14. I am a fan of classic animation, and am always looking for old film and TV animations across the web. So I am wondering, what would be a good tracker for items like that. It's just that VHSTapes offered a wide selection. But it collapsed under its own flaws and failings. So what would be a good alternative?
  15. But then again, Spock was the most popular character of the show. You mention Star Trek to someone, they'll think of Spock. Kirk may have been important, but it was Spock that had remained an integral part of the show, even in the original series' pilot.
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