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  1. I'd like to apply as well, if there are any left or available.
  2. Can you please tell me if you have an ipt invite available? If you have, that would be a great bonus.
  3. The following message is the final result. The stupid iPad and it’s auto correct made a mistake. Once again, I’m sorry for any ill will, but when you’re handling technology, it can get complicated!
  4. Please excuse my typing, I’m trying to put a message in a tablet, and the stubborn thing is making me think it isn’t coming through. Curse the iPad!
  5. I recently had an account disabled, despite being good with the tracker I was on. Is it true that once you have your account disabled, there's no way of trying to get it back up and running? Have any of you ever had a tracker account banned for no reason, or could it be due to the sometimes odd nature of certain types of tracker?
  6. I am wondering, is it true that when you try to use a blacklisted client on a Private tracker, all it does is block it from the client being used? It’s just that I get a little paranoid that I made a mistake, even though I used a whitelisted client later on and it worked perfectly. I only get paranoid due to the fact that I tried a couple of times using a blacklisted client, and all I did was stopped the torrent and restarted it again. I’m just scared they’ll boot me off the Private Tracker due to my mistake. I really need help at the moment, so if anyone can help me, please let me know.
  7. I recently joined a Private Tracker. So I downloaded a torrent from them, and tried to download using uTorrent. Unfortunately I learned that the newer version of uTorrent is on the blacklist. Will this mean I will be banned from the tracker, or does it mean that it won't access the torrent due to the blocking of that client from that tracker? I really need to know, in case my hard work is invalidated.
  8. Well that's what you get if you take down iconic pieces of our culture, in acts of PC censorship. You cannot stop GWTW!
  9. Now I know that installing modchips is considered piracy, but if you want to play games from other regions, simply have different accounts in different regions, and you can play the games easily. I learned that from Youtube, and remember, the Nintendo Switch is region free, so we're covered.
  10. Um, I think there was a scene in Jurassic World, where they comment that the dinosaurs cloned aren't meant to be taken as scientifically accurate. Only appearing as they are to showcase what people believed they envisioned. It's genetic manipulation people!
  11. At least Nolan is a smart thinker. He'd rather wait until the cinemas are prepared and ready for audiences, before he ends up risking a sizable portion of his paycheck on a release. Clever!
  12. The only reason there was swearing in the recent Star Trek series, was because of a combination of being on a streaming service, where certain restrictions currently on television are relaxed, and because they wanted to be a little more edgier than previous series. Strange New Worlds may be an improvement. At least it's not Lower Decks!
  13. Yet another ebook and music tracker. Interesting enough, but given its non-active forums, getting help and advice could be difficult.
  14. Well, this has dated well, given that they had cases of Coronavirus pop up in a minute way recently. But hopefully this does not stop them from continuing their project.
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