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  1. NordicBits now DanishBits, the Danes are ruthless with the law, it seems.
  2. Only Staff or known users with activity in the forum, messages from new users and or resellers will not be answered. Have: AlphaRatio account with 750 GB up with Mail Want: Ncore or Fano account with similar buffer AND mail or 40.000 points. PM to me....Greetings!!!!
  3. The world has lost arguably one of the greatest guitarists ever as Eddie Van Halen has lost his battle with cancer at age 65 reported today by TMZ. There have been rampant rumors in recent years of the guitarist’s declining health, yet there has never been a confirmation of his more recent cancer battles. The guitarist’s contributions to rock are endless and there’s not a single electric guitar player who hasn’t tried to mess around with his tapping technique, tone, or all-around brilliancy. Eddie could do it all and for a period of time, there was no bigger rock band in the world th
  4. Tracker Name - NorBits Tracker URL - NB :: Login NORBITS.NET Speedtest - 1Gbps seedbox Comments - I am a skilled consumer and fan of Scandinavian cinema, be it movies or series, they are not easy to find in most trackers, unfortunately these days NordicBits closed (it seems definitely) another tracker with similar content, so I'm looking for a tracker with that type of content. Thank you very much and long live this site / forum
  5. Up Again
  6. @BeetArchi have Torrentland account with buffer (1 TB+) but without mail.
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