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  1. Tracker Name: TorrentSeeds (TS) Genre: General Sign Up Link: https://torrentseeds.org/invite_signup.php Closing Time: Soon Additional Information: TorrentSeeds (TS) is a Private Torrent Tracker for 0-Day / General Releases. Note: Use the Invitation Code: Spring2021 Open again - was opened in March and closed quickly.
  2. Zack Galifianakis - The LEGO Batman Movie Troy Baker Arkham: Origins Video Game Michael Emerson - Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Brent Spiner - Young Justice John DiMaggio Batman: Under The Red Hood Steve Blum - LEGO Batman Video Game Jeff Bennett - Batman: The Brave And The Bold Kevin Michael Richardson - The Batman Mark Hamill - Batman the Animated Series Alan Tudyk - Harley Quinn
  3. The Joker is comics most iconic villain and so it's fitting it has been played so well by so many different actors. Cesar Romero was the first joker I recall. He portrayed the Joker in the 1966 live action Batman. While he refused to shave his signature mustache, he brought an amazing level of energy to the character and was already a huge star before taking on the role. No one in the cast had the acting credentials of Romero and he seemingly took the role seriously. Don't sleep on the original. After Romero we had to wait until 1989 for the character to return to live
  4. What are you paying now? Update us in a month or two and let us know if you're still enjoying it.
  5. I'm still approaching this one with a bit of trepidation. I actually saw the '84 version in the theater when I was young and at the exact right age to fall in love with something. I ended up reading the book a year later. I've read Dune more than any other book, so ... you have pictures in your head. I actually cannot imagine them getting Baron Harkonnen any better than they did in '84. I liked the '84 stillsuits as well. That's the thing with media properties you fall in love with (especially as a kid), you want them to live on and evolve and at the same time, you really don'
  6. Hey Welcome, Are you looking for Audio Books or MOBI type stuff?
  7. If you're looking to buy an invite, this seems to be the place.
  8. Welcome, I'm new as well, but there seems to be a lot of content
  9. Ah, poor students, the backbone of the Torrent world. Welcome
  10. Good to see another old school Demonoid user.
  11. A. Tell us something about yourself? My name is Bob. I lucked into a private invite to Demonoid in the early 2000's ('04,'05), but before that I was part of Warez sites and mIRC. B. How did you find InviteHawk? I returned to the scene due to changes to the media landscape. For a long time media companies were forced back into giving value for money. You could see movies with Moviepass cheaply, Netflix had a huge share of the market and you could put a few hundred hours on a single player game. Now, Moviepass is gone, streaming is has splintered, and AAA Gaming isn't worth the
  12. Welcome to InviteHawk - Your Open Source for Sharing Torrent Invites -. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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