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  1. I have AvistaZ, IPT, HD-Space, DigitalCore, TorrentLeech invites. Looking to trade invites/account of BakaBT, AnimeTorrents, or any other big anime tracker.
  2. i would like to apply @DarkbyTe66 like done, i have proof, it'll be for personal use
  3. @Maistron feedback left. I have successfully registered using given invite code.
  4. csjombang


    welcome to invite hawk. enjoy your stay
  5. i would like to apply @DarkbyTe66 like and REP done. i have seedbox and i can send proof if you need.
  6. i would like to apply @Maistron i have seedbox and i can send proof. like and REP done
  7. @cryterionmight be stupid question, but at the time of posting this. i'm only part of 2 trackers like torrentleech (which i got free from joining invitehawk) and hd-space (which is currently doing open registration). Is it worth having a seedbox to seed only on these? Or you'd suggest me to buy invite on other tracker that has more activity like ncore or filelist you mentioned. In the topic of building high upload ratio i mean. Or i know hd-space is not considered high traffic tracker compared to those you are on. Would you consider torrentleech as one?
  8. Hi @Clod, i'm new and would like to try to rent seedbox. I'm keen on building my ratio with one but i'm not sure which tracker/content i should start targeting to seed on. Would you mind sharing what tracker you're on to get that 2.35 tb 7 days? and what content you're seeding on?
  9. Wow, 1 tb upload. that's impressive! mind sharing what torrent files you've been seeding on and what tracker you were on?
  10. Hi thanks for welcoming. i just replied your direct message. Please have a reply once you have chance.
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