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Please pay attention NOT TO DOUBLE POST!

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Avoid unnecessary posts such as 'Thank you', 'Welcome', etc. Such posts will be deleted and user will be warned if it happens again. If caught spamming, the following actions are applicable -

  • First time - Warning
  • Second time - 5000 Points will be deducted
  • Third time - Ban for 7 days
  • Fourth time - Permanent Ban

If the post helped you, reward the user by reacting to the post like this -



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6 minutes ago, kolotoumpas said:

there is nothing left apart Beyond HD..

Come on bro. They are still some of good HD Trackers such as HDBits, HDT, PHD and Blutopia. 

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Well it's always sad when a tracker is closing  best of lucks for the members What.cd then now this one and let's not forget 32.pages 2021 Coronavirus and other all bad year for some tracker too.

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On 2/22/2021 at 12:13 PM, 谢谢你 said:

@kolotoumpas PrivateHD with they internal EPSiLON and also HD-Torrents with they KRaLiMaRKo are really underrated.


EPSiLON are not internal of PHD, they left PHD and according to latest news, after new ownership of PHD, there was dispute because new owner introduced phd application signup with seedbox purchase, and EPSiLON were angry at this they thought owner want to earn money..

2nd reason is phd is underated because its rules for hit & run, if you uploaded 100 terabytes there, if you downloaded a remux or raw bluray torrent of 35-40GB, you have to seed at least 1 weak, i think. 3rd reason is no good internal encoders and  users database and torrents are not huge.


HDT is underrated because of its stupid rules and stupid staff, their notorious quarter rule is pure stupid, no one can spare from this until you are vip, they ban on 3rd warning permanently, 1st warning on low ratio, they even banned lot of good internal encoders, owner of tracker always want your money, if you uploaded 100 tera bytes there and got banned for quarter rule, ban will only be lifted until you pay the owner, i remember once i was ban on another p0rn tracker, admin un banned me and asked me politely, please visit once a month as system auto ban user if you not logged in once a month, but here admin only wants money and he has  his pets not only hdt on hdt forum, but also on reddit, they will not resolve your issue, but only will [email protected]



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