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Which games are you currently playing ?

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Disco Elysium Final Cut is the only game people should be playing. Serious best RPG of all-time; well, more like a cross between a visual-novel and RPG.

Other than that I've tapped out of Loop Hero, Valheim, and Dyson Sphere Program recently. Also slowly working through Divinity OS2 but man this game is long as hell.

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Subnautica: Below Zero, just after having completed the first one.


The improvements are clear from its predecessor, but some of the novelty is lost when you already played the original as well. A lot that games charm is its lack of any clear progression curve (except maybe depth), but once you are familiar with the crafting and upgrade system, it becomes more of a chore and less of an adventure.


Any recommendations for similar story-driven, survival-esque games like Subnautica?

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