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Top 10 Private Trackers, in your opinion!

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I thought I would start a topic with my top 10 Private Trackers for June 2012, in my opinion :). Please carry on with your top own Top 10. Its just a thought with newbies starting the Private Tracker net scene they then can look at this collection and not get lost in the Private Tracker scene:- :)

I thought and had a good think about this, in my opinion these are the sites you want to be in at the moment,enjoy :-

1st PassThePopcorn (Movie Tracker)

2nd Torrentleech (General Tracker)

3rd Black-cats Gamer (Gaming Tracker)

4th IPTorrents (General Tracker)

5th DB9 (Music Tracker)

6th Bit-Gamer (Gaming Tracker)

7th HD-Bits.org (Hi Def Movies Tracker)

8th Gettorrents.org (Music Tracker)

9th FTN (General Tracker)

10th FSC (General Tracker)

They are my Top 10 for June 2012, probably many will not agree with me but make your own top 10 and help many newbies out! :)

I will come back each month with a Top 10 list to show the movers and shakers in the scene!


If you liked this list and it helped you out somewhat please show your appreciation and add a thanks and rep me, I'm always grateful!. :)

Will be doing July's on the 21st! :)

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I have had some members asking me about the Top 10 with trackers that are not in there. I have most trackers available to me so I know but if you want to donate an Invite or Account for a particular tracker I will be willing to give it a look and try out to see! A rep will be added for each person that donates and a big thankyou! :)

All Invite and Account donations please send to this e-mail address:- lancasterp01@gmail.com

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BTN not on the list??

No list seems complete without BTN :)

I think BroadcasttheNet is not a very complete site! If you are into your TV Movies then its for you but for good selection and variation its just not up to scratch and thats why I do not think it deserves a top 10 spot, at the moment anyway. I think its way over rated. Sorry.
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Cool list. Any chance I could get a PTP invite? I've been trying to get one for like a week?

Sorry all invites to PTP are now closed forever. You cannot be invited anymore the site has now gone very stirct, also be very carful if you obtain an account they are looking intent and you will be banned do not waste your money. Just a tip for you!

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What is considered the best all around sports-related tracker?

Sorry buddy I really cannot help you there! I'm stuck! There just is not enough sport trackers about. I would say the best at the moment is Sport-Scene.net and is always open for sign-up. There are others but they just specialize in that particular sport. If you want variation then like I said Sport Scene. Unless anyone knows any different?

Theres also mma-tracker and The Place. Try those.

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I've been on MMA-Tracker and TC-Boxing for a few years now. I'd like to find a good motorsports tracker (if one exists), but I haven't had much luck. Any ideas there or am I SOL?

OK, there is one for motor sports:-


Try that its always open for sign up but no worrys its a good motor sport round up, you should enjoy! :)

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I know its like August and I'm a little late with Top 10 list but now is a good time than any, but never mind lets get on with the next Top 10, here it is:-

1st Broadcastthenet (TV/Movies)

2nd x264.me (Movies)

3rd What.cd (Music)

4th Bit-Humen (General)

5th Torrentleech (General)

6th Exigo (Music)

7th Pretome (General)

8th Passthepopcorn (Movies)

9th Feedthe.net (General)

10th AwesomeHD (Movies/TV)

Thats it focks, I've had a good hard think since last time and this is what I think are the movers this month. :)

I hope you enjoy the Top 10 and please PM me with ideas if you think a Private Tracker should be there that is not, I'm always up for some good suggestions! :)

Please rep me and feedback me if this Top 10 helps you In finding what Private Tracker you are looking for and suits you best! :)

See you all next time!!! :)

:) :) :) :) :)

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