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RapidSeedbox - Anonymous and High-Speed Seedboxes

Message added by Ethan,

Earn 10k Bonus Points every time you buy a Seedbox or Renew your subscription. Contact @Ethan after purchasing a seedbox to claim your points.
Valid only if you use this Link to Purchase - RapidSeedbox

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InviteHawk community, we are thrilled to welcome you to try our services and look forward to creating value for you in your online activity in a secure and private manner.

If you have any questions, the best way to reach out to us is via the chat widget at the bottom right of our website. We look forward to chatting! ūüėä

Thank you,
The team at RapidSeedbox

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  • Retired Staff

It has been more than a week since I started using Rapidseedbox. The experience has been good. This is my first time using Rapidseedbox after several years, and I see some improvements. Rapidseedbox Lean Swift plan comes with 1 TB storage and unlimited traffic. Overall, It is good.

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It's been two weeks since I started using RapidSeedbox Lean Swift plan. So far my experience is great.

They provide unlimited traffic which is great for anyone who wants to make some buffer. They are always there if you face any issue. They also provide decent storage of 1 TB in the plan. Besides rtorrent they also provide qbittorrent, transmission and deluge. So if you want to switch client you can do it whenever you want according to your choice. Highly recommended.

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RapidSeedBox, using it for the very first time. I must say the speed is very high which helped me raise great buffers in few trackers. The biggest point is there is no speed capping, so unlimited bandwidth and traffic. The staff is also very helpful and has responded very quickly and efficiently even to the smallest of queries. 

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