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  1. I can vouch for how good this service is. Have been using it for around 6monts, uploaded about 4TB, and havent had any problems so far.
  2. Thanks for the heads up. Luckily i use lastpass so the password was random and not the same as for the email.
  3. Hi Ethan, Provided i dont brake googles rule, will the account last only one year, or is it really forever?
  4. Tracker RainbowNation Sharing (RNS) Genre:EBOOKS / AUDIOBOOKS Review (If Any Sign Up Link:https://rainbownationsharing.net/signup.php Closing Time? Additional Information:This is a great tracker if you like ebooks. I Recomend it.
  5. It seems to be down right now. https://www.cgpeers.to/register.php
  6. Hi @cryterion I want to apply for a pornbits. Thank you.
  7. People shouldn't be encouraged to hit and run. Inst that one of the ideas of private trackers. That you want to help the community by seeding.
  8. I agree on Empornium, they have some fetish content.
  9. I used to use uTorrent, but then it got bad. I am now using the free version of BitTorrent, and so far so good.
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