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  1. Just wanted to update. I bought this service about 2 or 3 years ago, and its still going no strong, no problem. I was afriad it would be shutdown as others who bought from other places had been closed, but ethans service seems to be ok. As for how much you can store, i dont really know. On my google drive, i have reached the limit, but i dont knowexacly how much i have uploaded, but its about 15TB, so most people should have enough storage, considering you only pay 40dollar. I hope @Ethan doesnt bump up the price after reading this.
  2. Hey guys. So i want to trade my account on Gazelle games as i think the site sucks to be honest. I have had it for few months, and uploaded 82GB and downloaded 53MB.
  3. I can vouch for how good this service is. Have been using it for around 6monts, uploaded about 4TB, and havent had any problems so far.
  4. Thanks for the heads up. Luckily i use lastpass so the password was random and not the same as for the email.
  5. Hi Ethan, Provided i dont brake googles rule, will the account last only one year, or is it really forever?
  6. Tracker RainbowNation Sharing (RNS) Genre:EBOOKS / AUDIOBOOKS Review (If Any Sign Up Link:https://rainbownationsharing.net/signup.php Closing Time? Additional Information:This is a great tracker if you like ebooks. I Recomend it.
  7. It seems to be down right now. https://www.cgpeers.to/register.php
  8. Hi @cryterion I want to apply for a pornbits. Thank you.
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