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One option is a more DIY solution which will save you money.

You can buy a barebone Kimsufi box from OVH.  I have had one for many years now, and here's what I did.

I bought a KS-5 in France (I am in US and did not have any issues paying with CC).  You get to choose what OS to install - a Linux distribution is always a good option (I chose Ubuntu).  So pretty much, you buy a dedicated host (that's 100 MBit up and down, unlimited bandwidth).  The KS-5 server comes with 2 2TB disks in a RAID 1 configuration (Mirrored setup).  However,  during installation, you have an option to change the data volume to RAID 0 - which means you will get almost 4TB of storage.  Of course, with RAID 0, there is no data redundancy.  If any one of these 2 disks fail, the data will be lost (OVH support will replace the disk of course).  To me though, that seems like an acceptable risk versus the benefit you get in getting a lot more space. 

Since you get a blank system here,  you would need to install rutorrent software yourself.  There are however public projects out there on github that allow you to do that if you follow simple instructions.  During all of this, it does help to know your way around Linux OS (commands etc).

What I described here would cost you $16.99 per month.

Again, this is not for everyone.  Its a DIY, but for anyone who has technical knowledge and wants to do this themselves, this is a great option.

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tlzbox.com   we have you covered ,what do you need \1TB -20 TB 

we have plans  to cover you on all fronts message us for custom boxes 


we offer 232 bot upload bots are you on a v5 232  script  we got you covered  75$  for a simple script with 1 cat  unlimited  upload to one cat 



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I would say depends on what everyone is looking for.. speed or space and what price they are hoping to have to get those obviously.


I am using a whatbox 3tb seedbox since last christmas, it's pricey thought.. something like 20 euro per month or something.. but when it comes to speed.. well it's blazing fast.. on big torrents I got speed 50mb/s and even more.. sometimes.. so if that price is okay for "you" then I would say whatbox is a good choice.!!

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Currently use RapidSeedbox which offers a good starting seedbox, especially when you currently start with a seedbox, additionally good upgrade plans. But at the end it depends. The most provided shows you an good overview what is currently included in their plans. Regarding the space and traffic. For more space, speed and traffic you have to pay more money ūüėČ SO at the end the list from avove is a good starting point. From my experience mostly it is helpfull to have more space available to ensure you can let some files on the box for seeding

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Hey OP

Firstly welcome to InviteHawk.

I am using seedhost.eu SH8 plan that costs 6 eur. It gives me 1 tb disk space and 3Tb traffic. I loved the service prettymuch.

There's also another service i have heard of seedbox.io which seems to be good, but the only downside being speed restrictions on some plans

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