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I see that the review's rating of this tracker is very high, mine would be a little less, maybe 8/10 would be a good score. I'd classify bakabt as an intermediate option on the spectrum of anime trackers: nyaa - bakabt - animebytes. But since nyaa is a public tracker with tons of content, I'm not sure if it's necessary to have account of bakabt, I think trying to get into animebytes would be optimal, but only if you're hardcore anime and manga fan and can't find stuff you're looking for on nyaa. When I search for something on bakabt and then on nyaa, usually it's in both places and I download from nyaa. That being said, the community is really nice and I like the aesthetic of this site - it looks very taseful to me. So it's definitely good tracker, just not "must get into" in my opinion. 

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I’ve been a member of bakabt for several years, the selection is above average when it comes to anime. As the above poster said, nyaa has a lot more things but I think bakabt torrents are better seeded and for longer duration. 

there is a lot of curation of the torrents added, so you can see the staff cares a lot about quality over quantity. I think it’s a good site to join. 

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@KindOfEveryColor @Mystery_Tower

I am asking this question to both of you as you have been a member of this site.

The new account creation system them mentioned,


Normal Registration is not available at this time. We're moving to an invite based system and are conducting interviews to hand out invites at the moment.

How hard are the interviews? Like, what types of questions do they ask? If ratio proof and speed test proof is what they ask then that would be easy enough to show, if not then what?

Thanks in advance.

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