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Prince Harry 'Determined' to Have Private Honeymoon With Meghan Markle: Exclusive Details

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With their royal wedding now behind them, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are expected to jet off on their honeymoon soon, and according to royal expert Katie Nicholl, a remote lodge in Africa could be a frontrunner for the newlyweds’ escape.

“One of the places they're looking at is a lodge that is so remote that it requires an off-land Land Rover to get there [and] a satellite phone because there are no connections,” Nicholl tells ET. “You have to take a supply of food and water with you because you're right in the middle of nowhere and if you break down without supplies, you're in trouble. That gives you some indication of how remote this place is.”

Nicholl adds that Africa is “without a doubt, the destination” for the pair, whose third date involved traveling to Botswana. They are also believed to have returned there for Markle’s birthday.

“I was speaking to someone in South Africa the other day that said that Harry loves Zimbabwe,” Nicholl says. “There's some very remote parts of Zimbabwe that he may take Meghan to.”

Namibia has also been touted as an option. © Getty Images Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.

“A lot of talk about Namibia and that would be a great place,” Nicholl notes. “Prince Harry knows Namibia well. He knows where to go to escape the paparazzi and to make sure that they can have a much deserved and private honeymoon together.”

Nicholl predicts the royal couple will sneak away as quietly as possible in the coming days, with no known public appearances scheduled beyond Tuesday’s outing at Buckingham Palace.

“We were told by Kensington Palace that the couple weren’t going to go on a honeymoon immediately -- they wanted to take a little bit of time after the wedding, and they had said in that engagement-day interview that they planned to hit the ground running," she says. "Well, they are staying true to their word because today at four o'clock local time, they attended Meghan’s first garden party at Buckingham Palace.”

The couple stepped out for Prince Charles' 70th birthday garden party at the palace, marking their first post-wedding appearance. The former Suits actress looked radiant in a pale pink dress and oversized hat.

“One wonders if perhaps the reason they're doing this engagement today is to put the spotlight back on them, so they can then slip off quite quietly," Nicholl adds. "We've had the wedding pictures, we've had the first engagement, so I'd imagine at some point in the next week to 10 days, things will go very quiet on the Sussexes and that will probably be because they've crept off very quietly to go [on] what Harry is determined to be a private honeymoon.”


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