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  1. There is a way forward! (Update at 24-09) Although we never had access to any of the main Apollo servers or the domain, one of our staff had access to the IRC server. While browsing this server out of curiosity (Athena was bored), we stumbled upon a full site backup that was taken in June 2017. That is a long time ago, but we estimate that this backup still contains about 70% of all current torrents, and about 80% of all current users. We have secured this backup, and have confirmed that it is intact. With this backup, it will be possible to revive a large part of the site with relative ease. Our current plan is to start from scratch, and to use this old database to regain the userbase and torrents. If you were a member of Apollo as of mid-june 2017, you will be able to receive an invite to Orpheus on the email address you used for Apollo. We will publish the details when the site launches. Stats (buffer, amount of uploads, notifications, ...) will be transferred to Orpheus as well. Many people acquired huge amounts of buffer during the initial global freeleech and this created serious distortion in the economy. This will be redressed after we have crunched the numbers. While some people will lose varying amounts of buffer, they will still be in a comfortable position to participate in the economy. If you signed up to Orpheus later, we will provide other options which to allow you to receive an account. You will need your original invitation email (if the email server was working at the time) or a screen shot of your profile page. There will be no open signups. The new site will start without any torrents, but as soon as you begin to seed your Apollo torrents on the new tracker, torrents that appear in the 2017 database will automatically be added to the site. This way, there will no dead torrents from the old site. We are developing a GUI tool that will work on all operating systems and with most popular clients, to mass-change all Apollo tracker URLs to Orpheus tracker URLs. A CLI tool for seedboxes and servers will also be provided. We still hope that the original sysops will make the final database dump available to us. If that happens, we will replace the 2017 database with the newer one, allowing more members to join easily and more torrents to be rescued. The ETA for getting the site up from this point is 2 weeks. We realize that this is a week longer than originally planned, but a lot of code needs to be written and tested in order to ensure a smooth transition.
  2. Since 2017, many Kodi addon and 'pirate' app developers have chosen to discontinue their projects and disappear into the shadows. Yet, unlike historical shutdowns of torrent and streaming platforms, most of these moves haven't made the headlines. The informational black hole is notable but can be explained. Those targeted are compelled not to say a word. It’s impossible to say how many lawyers have been deployed to shut down piracy-related projects over the years. Dozens would be a conservative estimate but just one beating down the door can be an intimidating experience. In the early 2000s and for at least the next decade and beyond, many efforts to shut down pirate sites and services were accompanied by triumphant press releases. Arrests, court appearances, and usually negative verdicts against pirates became a rallying point for the content industries, with the head-on-a-pike deterrent proving a valuable tool in the propaganda wars. Last year, however, a new tactic appeared to gain momentum. In addition to strategic publicized cases against larger-scale infringers, a steady undercurrent of threats became evident in the Kodi addon and pirate application community. Rather than breaking down doors, content owners approached developers quietly, warning that shutting down is the only real way to avoid punishing legal action. Most of the approaches were made by the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE), the global anti-piracy coalition made up of 30 of the world’s most powerful entertainment companies. This fact has been made public by a number of developers, with some publishing correspondence on the web. Many others, however, simply announced their retirement and disappeared, often around the same time that other developers took the same course of action. When approached for comment most refused to offer details but it’s clear that decisions weren’t being made freely. It won’t come as a surprise to learn that many, in exchange for not having their lives ruined, agreed to take a vow of silence. After collating information from a number of sources, we can now reveal some of the tactics being used against developers involved in ‘pirate’ projects. While the details vary from case to case, most approaches begin with a detailed overview of the project the developer is involved in and various laws that ACE believe are being broken. This is followed up with details of a multi-point settlement deal which can potentially see the developer exit with a minimum of costs. As previously reported, some of the terms are fairly unpalatable, including an agreement to report on associates and colleagues involved in the project and associated projects. We have no idea whether anyone targeted has done so but we know the settlement agreement contains such clauses. However, aside from ending all infringing activities, the number one insistence is that recipients keep their mouths firmly shut. In order to protect those who have disclosed information to TF, we aren’t publishing direct quotes from the settlement agreements. However, we can disclose that those entering settlements are forbidden from speaking to anyone (apart from their legal advisors) about the contents of the agreement, but it goes further than that. Those targeted are expressly forbidden from telling anyone that they have even been contacted or that discussions are taking place, something that really isolates people seeking to receive external help and advice. Furthermore, if the recipient’s case is discussed with ACE at all, no information – whether spoken or in written form – can be revealed to any third-party (outside legal counsel). As far as we can see from the documents available, this means they aren’t even allowed to discuss the terms with a close friend or family member. However, in return for their full cooperation, it appears that ACE will keep their identities a secret. If announcements to the press are made (which thus far hasn’t been the coalition’s modus operandi), ACE has told those who sign agreements that they won’t be named or identified in other ways. With this background, it’s not difficult to see why developers are choosing to shut down their projects and disappear quietly. While some will find the terms of ACE’s settlement agreement difficult, it’s undoubtedly better than the alternative. With billions of dollars up their collective sleeves, ACE members have unlimited access to legal weaponry and could drain the average person’s finances in a matter of months in legal fees alone. Quite why ACE has chosen to act against developers so quietly isn’t clear but given that most of their targets thus far have been bedroom-based Joe Publics, it’s possible that the “30 Goliaths versus David” imagery is something some its members would prefer not to be associated with. Finally, users worried by a potential hand over of information to authorities as highlighted by the Terrarium TV case this week (note: we have no confirmation that ACE was involved) shouldn’t be surprised when developers act to save their own skin. Privacy and security is the user’s own responsibility and in the Wild West of piracy, anything can happen. Source: Torrentfreak.com
  3. Google Translation: The chariots of the Gold Mine are full! Freeleech for all until 2018-09-25 07:00:00, Quebec time.
  4. Here at Anthelion we LOVE Halloween. Lets get prepared for this scary season by uploading all the horror films we can by Oct 15th. If you upload a horror film before Oct 15th you will earn the orbs below. Same rules and expectations from all the other lists we have done here... This is nothing new Rewards: 480p = 1000 Orbs 720p = 1500 Orbs 1080p = 2000 Orbs As long as your upload follows our rules, it does not matter if the movie is already on the site. You will still receive your reward. Just post the link to the upload in this thread. Seeding is very important to us, please seed as long as you possibly can. Preferably until HELL freezes over. Remember; each format counts. // Auge
  5. TehC is now Anthelion We have dropped the old domain and we are now using Anthelion All you guys need to do is simply update the url for torrents you are seeding and nothing else. We will discuss ways on how to do that in the forum thread on Anthelion // So say we all Discuss this post here
  6. Google Translation: Would you like to give a hand, now you have the chance! TWA Looking! Encoders. Optional coding languages php, python, C # etc. however, things should work on windows. Most tasks will be web based, for more info use contact info at the bottom. Sync / Rippers / second. In particular, we are missing people who can sync, but there is self-space for everyone who wants to help in the group. We would like to help you with training. Switch, Contact. team.wild.animals@protonmail.com or at Wire: @team_wild_animals Sincerely Staff at NordicBits
  7. Google Translation: All torrents are in DOUBLE UPLOAD from 18.09.2018 14:00:00 to 19.09.2018 14:00:00. TORRENT X2 = Upload Multiply by X2
  8. HARDY

    HD4Free News

    This is an announcement to all HD4Free members. I have identified several potential duplicate accounts. I understand that there were email issues when we first opened registration, several did not get an activation email and may have created a second account to try again. I also understand there may be spouses, siblings, roommates, etc that share the same network and each have their own account onsite. So, those who know multiple accounts were created, please let me know. I will delete the second account or notate the accounts if they are both legitimate. If I have already spoken to you on this matter then no action is needed. Thank you, CDUB/HD4Staff
  9. Today marks the official re-opening of HD4Free Our doors will be open to the world for one week starting today. To our new users... Please read the rules and faq. Explore the site and make any suggestions you think of in the forums. Please report any bugs encountered onsite. Everyone has upload rights enabled. Feel free to make a request for any releases you would like to have uploaded onsite. You have 2500 BON at your disposal. If you need BON for a request please post in chat and we will assist. Please be an active member in the community. Post in the forums, comment on torrents, participate in chat, join us on discord and most of all have fun. As always HD4 staff is here to help, please do not hesitate to approach us with any questions or suggestions. Thank you, - HD4 Staff
  10. Tracker's Name: HD4Free Genre: HD Sign-up Link: https://hd4.xyz/register Closing date: Open for 1 week
  11. Freeleech Picks September 2018 Hey Pervs, It's time for the September 2018 Freeleech picks! To view a collage of this month's picks, please Click Here. If you wish to view the previous picks, go to the collage section at the top of the page, and filter for Staff Picks. If you wish to discuss this month's picks, please do so in this thread. Enjoy! Empornium Staff.
  12. Tracker's Name: PrivateHD (Open for application signup) Genre: HD Sign-up Link: https://privatehd.to/auth/apply Closing date: N/A
  13. Last month, following a lawsuit filed by several major broadcasters, Russian tech giant Yandex was forced to remove pirated TV content from its search engine. While Yandex felt the law had been misapplied, its subsequent appeal was rejected. In response to the confusion, the government will now seek to amend the country's copyright laws. After complaining that Russian Internet giant Yandex had failed to keep pirated versions of their content out of its search results, several major broadcasters filed a lawsuit with the Moscow City Court. Gazprom-Media outlets including TNT, TV-3, 2×2, and Super went straight for the jugular, petitioning the Court to have ISPs block Yandex’s video indexing platform. The Court granted the request and gave Yandex until August 30 to remove all of the offending content. Initially, Yandex flat-out refused. The company said the law was being misinterpreted, claiming that current legislation states that pirate content must be removed from sites hosting it and that search engine links are not covered. However, after announcing that it would appeal the decision of the Moscow City Court, Yandex suddenly changed its mind on removing the content. Fearing its entire platform would be blocked by ISPs, Yandex erred on the side of caution, deleting all content that may (or indeed may not) have infringed the media companies’ rights. Early September the TV channels again filed lawsuits with the Moscow City Court, again over the appearance of links to their content appearing in search results. “Four lawsuits were filed by Yandex. In all the lawsuits, the TV channels ask the Court to oblige the defendant to stop creating technical conditions that ensure the placement of works on the Yandex.ru website,” press secretary of the court Ulyana Solopova told Interfax. With a decision on the matter pending (and the underlying aim of Gazprom Media to reach a settlement agreement with Yandex), soon after the Moscow City Court responded to Yandex’s original appeal against a preliminary blocking injunction. In a blow to Yandex, the Court upheld its original ruling, meaning that the decision to remove the content before an ISP ban was put in place was well-timed by the search company. However, it now appears that the confusion over the requirements of the law will see the government step in to offer a solution. According to Russian Deputy Prime Minister Maxim Akimov, the country’s anti-piracy legislation needs to be “improved” following the Yandex/Gazprom Media dispute. “Regarding the regulation of data in terms of copyright and intellectual property rights, of course, the improvement of legislation, including anti-piracy, is exactly necessary,” Akimov told Interfax. “By the end of the year we will try to present the necessary amendments to the Duma, which will allow us to more clearly define the rights of the parties,” he said. Akimov said that the amendments will be the product of negotiations between the Federal Antimonopoly Service, intellectual property bodies, and the Ministry of Economic Development and Business. It is currently unclear which direction the talks will go and whether any changes will favor Yandex’s perception of the law or the Moscow City Court’s interpretation.
  14. Google Translation: Then the game is online again and the prize is now 50 days VIP.
  15. We are currently recruiting FLS staff. PM A***** with your interest/resume/etc. We are also looking for P2P uploaders. PM A***** if you are interested in becoming a P2P Uploader. Please donate if you can - DHstaff