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  1. so sorry nomercymina , i wasn't aware that posting my email address is against the rules... my extreme apologies
  2. bro hope you're doing well... bro , the last time i was able to browse iptorrents was about 7yrs ago and i am a new subscriber to invitehawk.com... hopefully you'll be able to email me an invite for iptorrents [email protected] may god bless you...
  3. FCB... FC Barcelona hardcore fan...
  4. new movies releases. and particular windows apps...
  5. uTorrent , but after reading related topics in invitehawk , i might settle for qbitorrent
  6. love to have'em downloaded for the convenience of watching whenever....
  7. unfortunately UNIT3D and ridpt.top are on invites signups....
  8. well i've been using their infamous dns server for quite a while....
  9. getting welcomed by the big guns , the gods themselves... goodness me . thanks big time...
  10. hi... did anyone ever try torrentleech.pl ? signups are open , but i'm not that sure if it can even come close to be compared to torrentleech.org. i believe that it's not even a mirror site...
  11. hmmm... well for me , the movie itself wasn't as good as the original animation movie... yet watchable... thanks
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