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  1. @schafter(sorry, I cancel my request, if somedoby else is interested)
  2. It depends ! I'm mostly a nigh owl, but sometimes early bird (with difficulty...) for professional reasons.
  3. I'm reading "Message", by Fernando Pessoa. Great book !
  4. I would like to get into Gazelle games, then Karagarga.
  5. My favorite anime series : - Serial Experiment Lain - Texhnolyse (both made by the same crew) - Haibane Renmei (Grey Wings) - Elfen Lied
  6. Skyrim is great but its mechanics end up being a bit repetitive. Morrowind was impressive on its release, due to its very original atmosphere, and deep lore and quests. But my choice goes to Daggerfall, which was a revolution when it was released! (huge game, partly randomly generated, hundreds of hours of aventure)
  7. My two first was underground-gamer, and pleasuredome (both now closed )
  8. I can speak french (native), english and japanese.
  9. Red dead redemption looks great. For older games, I loved to explore the huge world of Daggerfall
  10. I always played on PC since my childhood and still prefer PC games (strategy, point'n click, CRPG...)
  11. I played a lot to Heroes of Might and Magic II in the late 90s (and, a little less, to the third and fourth) and still love this game ! (I bought it again on Gog). I also played the first two Fallout games a lot until now, and I like to replay some old point'n clicks from time to time.
  12. Hi everybody, A. I'm Sil, I'm living in France and almost on my 40, and I'm interested in games, movies, books and arts. B. I found InviteHawks while I was searching some invitation for some torrent website on the internet. C. I especially want to subscribe to : Gazelle Games, Karagarga and Orpheus D. YES / NO (I use the same username on (only) one tracker, so I asked to change.) E. I need to explore this forum a little more before I make any constructive suggestion. Thanks a lot !
  13. Welcome to InviteHawk. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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