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  1. Genre: General Sign-up Link: https://nt4h.org/signup.php Closing Date: Soon! Additional information: NT4H is a new Vietnamese Private Torrent Tracker for Movies / TV / General Releases.
  2. If anyone wanted to play hitman2, through steam then he is welcome here. WARNING: DO NOT CHANGE THE PASSWORDS FOR ANY ACCOUNT GIVEN BELOW 1) HITMAN2 proof: https://prnt.sc/1ri2ck3 Account: trend2011 password: 2011trend 2) Half-Life 2, Half-Life 2: Deathmatch, Half-Life 2 account: whobirdy password: speedo99 NOTE: TILL NOW I HAVE THOUGHT THAT I WILL BE REGULARY UPDATING THIS POST INSTEAD OF MAKING NEW POSTS, SO NEW ACCOUNTS WILL BE ADDED UP, AND AGAIN OPEN FOR ALL NO GIVEWAYS:) NOTE 2: this account may not work, after somedays as it has been accessed, without the owners permission.( but no worry you can happily play the games as the owners are not active for a long time ) that's why I am not giving as a giveaway rather than a free for all. NOTE 3: IF THE ACCOUNT IS NOT ACCESSABLE THEN PM ME. I WILL BE ADDING A NEW STEAM ACCOUNT, AGAIN OPEN FOR ALL and yeah don't try to give negative feedback on this, as I have already mentioned above the reason.
  3. Tracker Name: the leach zone Genre: GENERAL Review (If Any) Sign Up Link: https://tlz.digital/signup.php Closing Time: 30 days Additional Information: TLZ.DIGITAL is a new tracker that is run by a staff that came from all over the tracker scene.
  4. Tracker Name: https://telly.wtf/ Genre: movies Review (If Any) Sign Up Link: https://telly.wtf/register/null Closing Time: soon Additional Information: Tellytorrent is an Indian private tracker for Indian movies & series with a collection of BD50, 4kUHD, DVD9, NetFlix DL & Amazon DL- Source
  5. Tracker Name - PRIVATEHD Tracker URL - https://privatehd.to/ Speedtest - https://prnt.sc/1qvfb8b Comments - Is there anyone who can share me privatehd invite? I can share my ratio proof
  6. hlo I would like to apply for the invite.
  7. @3BamBooStar same problem happend with me too. I am also not using any vpn and yeah the thegeek has now stopped any new member signup.
  8. thnx for this message, I would have really missed a chance to increase my seed ratio. keep it up
  9. hlo, welcome to invitehawk hope ur enjoying feel free to use this, but follow the rules strictly.
  10. hi @niesamotny I would like to apply for bitgamer tracker. hope I would be getting this giveway.(crossed fingers) thankyou
  11. (HAVE) hotstar premium account. want-crackia invite
  12. who is going to follow the rules made by you (ohh, you will only follow). Remember you are a staff rules can be made only the owner i.e ethan. No problem you ass for not sharing an invite but I will get an invite of it very soon.
  13. As for me all invites are of great giveways, and I may give you my seedbox proof or ratio proofs if you recommend me for giving that giveway for which I applied. For me first recommendation and then all other proofs or necessary things so what do you want me to write for asking an invite, an application containing 100 words or more than that?
  14. Dear @Ulquiorra I apply for the invite Added like and rep Thankyou Regards, sam1256!
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