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  1. Hi guys, I know about its hard to found some invite from bj-share, but im a good user from all of many top trackers, like, hdarea, privatehd, cinemaz, avitaz, lf, ebz, uhd, im power user of those, and extreme user for hdarea. so, i appreciate someone give me one invite for bj-share based on my proofs, im not a poor user, looking only for the best brazilian tracker. thanks if someone have some invite for me.
  2. Tracker Name: Pirata Digital Genre: Brazilian Tracker Review (If Any) Sign Up Link: https://pirata.digital/register Closing Time: 1 dia, 10 horas, 40 minutos, 44 segundos Additional Information: Its a New Brazilian tracker but with good infos!
  3. @Utah Hi, I would like to apply for invite giveaway! thank you!
  4. @kardashian09 Hi bud, if you still have invite, I would like to apply! Thank you!
  5. @Eren Hi there, I would like to apply to hd-space. Thank you!
  6. Info about SceneRush! The administration of Scene-Rush, BitTorrent Tracker Nacional, hereby informs that if Portugal passes to the eighth final eurocup, invitations will be opened, where they will be able to invite friends!
  7. @kardashian09 Hi, Im want to apply for one invite please! Tahnk you!
  8. @Shawonloko I apply for invite please! thank you and great giveaway!
  9. Tracker Name: HDArea Genre: HD Review: Sign Up Link: HDArea :: 注册 High Definition Area|高清电影|种子下载|pt| bt|磁力下载|电影下载 - Powered by NexusPHP WWW.HDAREA.CO HDArea高清信息pt,bt分享平台,提供高清电影原盘,4K,1080p,720p种子下载,磁力下载,最新电影下载 Closing Time: 3 days till today Additional Information: On June 1st Children's Day, we will open the site-wide resources for free for 3 days. I wish the children a happy June 1 in advance!
  10. reopened again today ! Till the end of today ...
  11. Thank you Man, when I create topic Im thinking if its ok ... Glad to be ok share here. cumps!
  12. Tracker Name: Milkie Genre: General Sign Up Link: https://milkie.cc/milk/Spring2020 Closing Time: Soon Additional Information: A brand new site providing unpacked and 0day/0sec scene content with fast download speeds. Categories: Tv, Series, Movies, Apps, Games, Ebooks, Foreign stuffs. Join us and be part of our community. No rules, just enjoy.
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