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Is a shared seedbox account any good?

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hi @grendizer
for most of low level trackers a shared seedbox is the most affordable solution but if you wanna maintain your ratio on trackers that categorize as hard seed difficulty you should have a dedicated seedbox for example if you wanna seed torrent on Red (redacted) which is a hard tracker for ratio maintaining a dedicated seedbox is a must
hope this helps

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19 hours ago, matyoyos said:

I use seedhost , only 6 Euro / month .

which tracker are you using ?

have you tested these on seedhost ?

hd-torrents ? uhdbits ? iptorrents ? torrentleech ? privatehd ? avistaz ? (not filelist and not porn trackers like pornbits, pornbay, empornium and etc)


how many tera bytes you have uploaded via seeding only (not uploading torrents) in these trackers ?

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Shared seedboxes are just fine. If the sellers don't oversell, put dozen users per server, you won't have any issues at all. Put too many users sharing the same hard drives and they all add bunch of torrents, that's when things slow down.

Dedicated seedbox makes sense only if you want more than 4TB of storage and you are going to add lots of huge torrents at once. Hard drive just for you is a must in that case.

Unless you are extremely demanding torrenter you won't notice any difference.

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I've never had a problem with shared boxes personally, they offer decent speeds at an economic price point for many users.  That being said, I have sometimes felt concerns over the shared I.P. address commonly used.  For example, what happens when another user on the box with the same I.P. is using it on the same tracker you use, or perhaps even the same torrent?  I've personally never had an issue from this on the trackers I currently have.


But dedicated boxes are nice, for more then just additional speed.  I've never purchased a dedicated "formatted" seedbox per say, but I have purchased raw dedicated servers on many occasions.  Doing that you have the freedom to install whatever operating system you want, whatever torrent client you wish, and any other applications you might need.  For example, handbrake or some encoding app on an offsite box might be one use case among many.  They are nice, but they come at a premium price point compared to shared boxes in which people on a budget might find it hard to justify.

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